What is Jamalade

Jamalade’s ingredients are simple: 75% fruit and 25% natural cane sugar. To this we add just the tiniest bit of real vanilla and a slight hint of cinnamon.

What do you eat it with? Well, some people like to just take it with a spoon, and others stir it into yoghurt. Kids love it with rice pudding and pancakes, while many others dollop it onto cheesecake or cereal. Some people even eat it with bread or on toast. It’s up to you just how creative you want to be. We’re sure it will be yummy however you choose to enjoy it …

Jamalade Strawberry

Jamalade is made with only the finest strawberries we can source while on our culinary trips. The Senga-Sengana is one of the sweetest, tastiest strawberries on the planet. Juicy red, full of flavour and sweet to the taste; Strawberry Jamalade is made with 75% fruit.

Jamalade Raspberry

We use only the best raspberries for Raspberry Jamalade, too. Bittersweet is how we describe the unique flavour of the raspberry we use. Thanks to our special method of cooking, all the fruit’s flavour and vitamins are retained to ensure the very best fruit taste experience. Just as with all the other Jamalade flavours, we guarantee 75% fruit in every single jar.

Jamalade Apricot

Anyone that doesn’t like apricot should definitely try Apricot Jamalade and, for anyone that loves apricot, well this one they’ll love anyway. We put 75% apricot in every jar and, thanks to the taste of real vanilla and the hint of cinnamon, you can enjoy Apricot Jamalade throughout the whole year. You’ll be amazed by just how good it tastes.

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